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How to export data from My DSO Manager ?
Tuesday, February 13 2018

From most My DSO Manager screens and reports it is possible to export the data to Excel, with a simple click on this button: The columns separator is set by the language of your account → for English it is a comma "," for most of other ...
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Why associate a Collector to your clients?
Wednesday, January 31 2018

On the customer sheet • On the interactive collection page • It's possible to filter the actions, reports, do searches... by « Collector » • In the case of automatic actions, if there is no Collector assigned to the customer account, a red banner appears in ...
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News My DSO Manager: Evolution of the recovery e-mail!
Wednesday, January 17 2018

Personalize your collections actions with photos and signatures in your documents → photos, images, handwritten signatures, ..., increase the credibility of your reminders. • Create templates for specific actions! → save time by creating templates for e-mails, letters or SMS messages in ...
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Approve your credit limits in My DSO Manager
Thursday, December 14 2017

Adapt your collection strategy depending on the "risk" assessment of your clients (score, financial information, ...), for example by creating a specific scenario for risky clients • Use the payment behavior informations (payer profile, overdue causes, ...) to identify the ...
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Activate the SMS reminder!
Thursday, December 7 2017

Do you want to send a dunning SMS to your customers? To do this, add a SMS action to your collection scenario: Then go to My account and activate your gateway to sent SMS with our partner Esendex (25 free SMS): Use SMS to communicate with salespeople. Their ...
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Set-up your overdue % (+30 or +60 or +90 days)
Wednesday, November 29 2017

Do you want to use as an indicator the overdue % of more than 30 days, 60 days or 90 days? The overdue % represents the part of the outstanding receivables that are overdue. By default it is displayed on the total of the account receivable Go to ...
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My DSO Manager news of November, 15th 2017
Wednesday, November 15 2017

Creation of a multi-criteria advanced search → It's now possible to perform searches mixing items criteria (invoices, credit notes, payments, ...) and clients (client code, collector, payment profile, ...) with muliples controls : « equal » « different of » « ...
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My DSO Manager news of October, 25th 2017
Wednesday, October 25 2017

Items Status → it's now possible to set the default number of days after which the follow-up action will be triggered in Settings / Manage item status : During the items qualification and the specific action creation, the proposed date can of course be changed. • ...
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Connect Ellisphere with My DSO Manager
Tuesday, October 24 2017

Since few days, it's possible to integrate your Ellisphere data (Score and Recommended Credit) to your customers files using our new connector. This new feature allows you to daily follow-up your account receivable against Ellisphere recommendations, and thus facilitates your credit risk ...
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