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Interview of Amélie Heckel from Picture Organic Clothing

Amélie Heckel - Group Accounting Manager
Amélie Heckel
Group Accounting Manager
Could you introduce Picture?
We are an outdoor sportswear brand. What defines the brand are the words Ride, Protect & Share:

  • Ride: We are snowboarders, skiers, surfers, explorers, adventurers, photographers, videographers, artists, sailors, activists, environmentalists ... who, through their passions, move the lines.
  • Protect: Since day one, we have been looking to go further and further to minimize our ecological footprint. Fighting against climate change through our passion for riding and the outdoors is our mission.
  • Share: Share our adventures, our experiences but also our expertise and our best practices: we are a community, a family committed against climate change.

Our customers are stores, sports stores chains or some websites in France and in Europe, mainly for our head office in France. So, we have a multitude of customers to follow up and relaunch.

Why did you choose My DSO Manager?
We were aware that we had a very manual, even archaic, follow-up of our customers' reminders, which was very time-consuming without being totally efficient. Then one day, we received a reminder from one of our suppliers and we said to ourselves "this is clear and clean, it looks really professional". And we quickly identified that it was My DSO Manager behind the reminder. After the presentation I had stars in my eyes, it seemed really clear and easy to use. It was exactly what we needed. I realized right away that we would save a lot of time and efficiency.

What would you say about the support of the My DSO Manager team?
First of all, the implementation is very easy and fast, very little development on our side to connect My DSO Manager and our accounting software. That being said, the training of the team was very quick because the tool is easy to learn and today the My DSO Manager team is very available for any question.

What performance improvements have you seen?
It's very clear, we are able to follow up on customers from the first day of the invoice, customers have electronic copies of invoices available and we have even made the tool available to our sales staff so that they have a view of the outstanding amounts at the time of the meetings. In the collection team, it is a real time and energy saver, we have not only improved customer payment times, but we have also gained time to analyzedown complex accounts and make many more telephone calls. On my side, the dashboards allow me to make a global review more easily.

What would you say to someone considering using My DSO Manager?
We plan to integrate our foreign subsidiaries into the tool.

My DSO Manager has BPAURA as a partner and they offer our solution to their customers. What would you say to someone considering using My DSO Manager?
That you should not hesitate! It is a powerful and friendly tool. It saves a lot of time but it also gives a professional image towards the customers. The installation is very fast and then we wonder how we would do without!

What are the three strong points of My DSO Manager?
  • Friendly
  • Time saving thanks to the "agenda" and pre-written reminders
  • Reliability of the tool and the team.