How to implement the software My DSO Manager in your company

Here are the 3 steps to implement our Debt Collection Software:

Step 1  Import your customer data (account number, business name, address,...) as well as open items (invoices, credit notes, unallocated payments,...) from your system (ERP, accounting software, CRM,...)
→ choose how to import your data : manual upload or automatic upload or import with our connectors
Compatible with many software: SAP Sage OracleSalesforce Creditsafe QuickBooks Odoo ...
Step 2  Finalize the configuration of your platform (statuses, collection scenarios, ...)
Step 3  Start using the software My DSO Manager

Two approaches are possible:

atout1 With our support

Our experts accompany you and advise you at all stages of setting up My DSO Manager, for configuring your platform and training users.
This customized approach allows you to benefit of a customized url, a multi-entity platform (for groups) and specific fields.
Your Cash Collection Software - With our support
Step 1  Kick off meeting and functional analysis carried out on the basis of a questionnaire previously communicated. Realization of the interface guide including the data that must be included in the import files for your company
Step 2  Configuring the import of files created by your IT team, consistency tests.
Step 3  After technical validation, administrator training (configuration of the platform, creation of recovery scenarios, ...) and users training (software functionalities)
Step 4  Go live → users immediately start working in My DSO Manager

atout1 Autonomy

atout2 The 3 first steps to use My DSO Manager :
1  Create your account by clicking the button Subscription
2  Fill your information and preferences to make best use of My DSO Manager: company name of your business, address, main currency, interest rate for late payment penalties, your company logo, ...
3  Import your customer data (customer list associated with key information) and your receivables (invoices, credit notes, unallocated payments, ...), this in three different ways :
  • with the « Smart Upload » module for .csv, .txt or .xls files
  • by FTP / SFTP interface with automatic sending of files on the server of My DSO Manager
  • manually creating customers and accounting documents in the settings
→  You can start to use My DSO Manager and to work in your collection agenda !
atout2 Being effective in 3 additional steps :
4  Personalize your collection scenarios and your recovery actions (emails, letters, fax and SMS) with #Hashtag
5  Create your customer groups for dedicated reports
6  Involve your employees by creating their access to My DSO Manager
atout3 Do more with our Credit Management solution :
  • Learn how to optimize your cash collection strategies combining telephone reminders, interactive emails and letters depending on the type of your customers (risky customers, public clients ...)
  • Take advantage of the power of My DSO Manager to streamline communication with customers and between employees of your company
  • Optimize your cash flow and debt recovery while improving customer satisfaction through faster resolution of disputes
 MY DSO MANAGER Debt Collection Software overview
My DSO Manager: Your Cash Collection Software
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