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New alerts for My DSO Manager!
Monday, November 20 2023

Perhaps you noticed it on our socials, newsletter, or online help, Our Credit management and Cash collection software alerts have been improved! An internal project We found that enhancing the alert creation user interface was imperative. We also...
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The reminder email, a marketing and strategic object.
Wednesday, September 20 2023

It is estimated that more than 270 billion emails are sent worldwide every day. This is far more than the daily volume of text messages, which is limited to 200 billion (quite an achievement, nonetheless). So how can we not ask ourselves the...
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The DSO, a key performance indicator!
Tuesday, September 5 2023

In the world of business and finance, performance indicators are essential to measure the financial health of a company. One of these key indicators is DSO (Days Sales Outstanding), closely linked to payment terms and average debt collection time....
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Confirm the promises to pay!
Friday, September 1 2023

It has been demonstrated that promises to pay are 40% more respected when they have been confirmed to the client by the collector. The principle is simple: once a buyer commits to the payment of one or more invoices at a given date, send him an...
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