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Tuesday, April 25 2017 : View the aging balance as of previous dates!

It is now possible to display the aging balance report at an earlier date in My DSO Manager.

Wednesday, April 19 2017 : New report in My DSO Manager → overdue trend

Several novelties and improvements concerning the evolution of the results & performance will be put online in the coming weeks in My DSO Manager!

Wednesday, March 29 2017 : News My DSO Manager


Monday, March 20 2017 : Tips → Create an alert to display payment promises not met!

It is now possible to create an alert displaying all customers who have not respected their promise of payment.

Monday, March 6 2017 : Tips → Confirm the promises to pay!

It has been shown that promises to pay are 40% more respected when they have been confirmed to the client by the collector.

Thursday, February 2 2017 : News My DSO Manager

  • View the progress of the collection scenario directly in the customer record!
    Progress of the collection scenario
    Understand at a glance which stage of the collection scenario you are with:

    • In green, actions that have been completed

Tuesday, December 13 2016 : News My DSO Manager

  • Importing your data by SFTP → Automatic import via FTP is now possible in SFTP (SSH FTP) and FTPS (FTP secure) to meet all needs.
    Import SFTP with My DSO Manager
    Sending of files can be done at any time of the day and several times a day if necessary. Data, actions and reports are updated in real time.
    The processing time by My DSO Manager of a file of 10 000 open pieces (invoices, credit notes ... etc) is only a few seconds!

  • Force change of password in user admin: It is possible to force a user to change his password when creating his account or at any other time.
    Force password
    This feature is in addition to the existing one that allows to force password chanbge every month.

Thursday, December 1 2016 : Speed up disputes resolution with internal interactive emails!

Internal interactive emails are a very powerful communication tool to interact with internal stakeholders of your company.

In particular, it makes possible to speed up the resolution of disputes by concentrating in one place all exchanges between the various parties involved without the need to create a My DSO Manager account for each of them.

Friday, November 18 2016 : Set custom alerts in your collection agenda

It is now possible to create customized alerts according to multiple criteria: overdue amount, date of last recovery action, overrun of credit limit, ...
These alerts ensure that all accounts receivable are under control, whether in terms of collection or credit risk management.

They appear in the « My alerts » tab of the collectors To do list:
My alerts

Friday, October 21 2016 : News My DSO Manager

  • Edit and delete comments associated with monitoring of items
    Edit and delete comments
    The status and comments are editable by clicking on the desired item. If this comment was applied to several invoices, My DSO Manager asks if the change should be applied to all items.
    It is also possible to delete a comment and a status previously applied to one or more invoices.

  • Advanced search filters in the customer sheet
    Advanced search filters
    It is now possible to filter on all available criteria (items amount, item type, dates ...) on customer's statement of account.
    This is particularly useful when an account has a high volume of invoices or when you want to filter items to create a specific action on the items concerned.

Tuesday, October 4 2016 : New actions graphs to manage collection agenda

The collection agenda has been improved with actions graphs: actions to be performed, actions completed and future actions.
Graphiques des actions
They give a synthesys view by number or amount.

Monday, September 12 2016 : When will you be paid by your customers?

Knowing when you will get paid by your customers is a key issue in your business management.

In order to have this visibility, My DSO Manager offers a new report « Cash forecast ».
This report is a help tool to manage your cash and reveals predictively the benefits of monitoring your accounts receivable.
Cash forecast report

Thursday, September 1 2016 : News My DSO Manager

  • Multiple selection of custom fields in reports (aging balance, DSO, disputes, ...)

    It is now possible to select multiple analytical values in reports (concerns accounts with Customized Version that defined analytical fields).
    Custom field selected

Friday, July 22 2016 : My DSO Manager news and releases

  • New report « Items status »: This report helps to see in a graph and by customer qualified items (invoices, credit notes ...) with a status.
    Report items status
    For example, it is possible to view the sum of invoices in "promise to pay". It also highlights the items qualification rate which is a key indicator of overdue receivables monitoring quality.

Thursday, June 30 2016 : My DSO Manager already has one year!

  • After 12 months of activity, My DSO Manager has more than 100 active customers across all continents, from SMEs to multinational groups. They trust us:
    Verbatim, Le Coq Sportif, ...

  • Thanks to My DSO Manager, our customers have already collected:
    + 289 M$ of invoices

Tuesday, June 21 2016 : Connect your Odoo data with My DSO Manager

With our connectors, you can import your customer and receivable data (open invoices, credit notes, ...) in a simple and automated way!

It is now possible to sync your customers, items and contacts data from Odoo in your My DSO Manager account:Sync Odoo and My DSO Manager

Monday, June 20 2016 : Connect your itool data with My DSO Manager

With our connectors, you can import your customer and receivable data (open invoices, credit notes, ...) in a simple and automated way!

It is now possible to sync your customers and contacts data with itool in your My DSO Manager account:Sync itool and My DSO Manager

Monday, June 13 2016 : News My DSO Manager

  • Cash receipts report: This new report tracks the evolution of receipts even if you do not charge the payments received in My DSO Manager. It is based on invoices, credit notes and debit notes cleared, unallocated payments and items in transit (bill of exchange...).

  • "Copy" and "Blind copy" e-mails recipients: it is now possible to add copy recipients and blind copy in all emails sent by My DSO Manager (except for automatic actions). Recipients can be users created on your platform or just an email address filled in the e-mail.

Wednesday, May 11 2016 : News of My DSO Manager

  • Improvement of the actions dates of collection scenarios
    My DSO Manager smartly sets the date for the next dunning action according to the due date of the invoice or the date of the last action.

  • New #Hashtag available to create and customize your dunning documents templates (e-mails, letters, SMS, interactive e-mails...).
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