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Wednesday, May 12 2021

Access to their account statement in real time in My DSO Manager and if needed can export to Excel, • Get duplicates of invoices or credit notes*, * If the link to your DMS is active, for more information contact-us • Consult your company information* ...
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How to rejuvenate your aging balance?
Friday, April 9 2021

How to rejuvenate your aging balance? The aging balance shows Accounts Receivable split by due date (generally in 30-days buckets). It allows to know the amount of the total outstanding due and the amount of outstanding payment in each tranche. What are the secrets of a lasting face ...
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The Payment Profile, a key My DSO Manager report!
Monday, March 22 2021

First of all, what is a payment profile? The Payment profile is the assessment given to a customer on the basis of his payment history allowing a score to be established within the "supplier" company. It provides at-a-glance an overview of the payment behavior of a customer or ...
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The DSO, a key performance indicator!
Monday, March 8 2021

What information does the DSO provide? It communicates to you the number of days of turnover that you have outside your bank account: your sales and therefore your invoices not yet paid by your customers translated into number of days. It is the flagship performance indicator ...
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My DSO Manager news of March, 4th 2021
Thursday, March 4 2021

Credit risk management → the formatting of changes in credit limits, insurer guarantees, and other scoring coming from financial information providers has been optimized for better readability. • Security about link with Document Management Systems → it is now possible to ...
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Focus on your unqualified customers!
Thursday, February 18 2021

My DSO Manager, allows you to qualify your items with the customizable statuses , which provides precise and efficient monitoring of your outstanding customers receivables. From the Items status report, monitor in real time the items qualification, as well as its ...
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Happy New Year 2021!
Wednesday, January 6 2021

My DSO Manager team wishes you All the Best for 2021! In order to start well this new year, we propose you a trip over the mountains that gave birth to My DSO Manager. ...
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