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New Internal Document Management System: Link and share documents related to open items effortlessly!

Any initiative within My DSO Manager arise from the genuine needs of credit management whether internally (credit manager, collection manager, sales representative, etc.) or externally (customer).

Collection managers are often forced to sift through folders, e-mails, and various systems in search of critical documents related to an invoice in order to share them with internal colleagues or with customers.

Acknowledging this time-consuming inquiry as a pain point, the My DSO Manager team embarked on a transformative mission to enhance the platform by providing an important feature enabling users to associate files and documents straight into each item (invoice, credit note, unallocated payment, etc.).

Streamlined accessibility

This functionality was created in response to the pressing need to centralize open item-related documents. Everyone involved in customer relations, including customers, requires quick access to any document required for processing invoices: proof of delivery, photos of damaged equipment, legal documents or any other type of information, all of which must be centralized within the platform.

Centralized information

By allowing collection and credit management team to easily associate and retrieve documents, the need for multiple or manual searches has been eliminated.

Improved analysis

The ability to link documents directly to open items allows credit managers, customer service and management to undertake analysis in-depth, leading to informed choices, particularly in matters of disputes.

Efficiency and Time Saving

By reducing the time-consuming task of searching through scattered documents, this feature saves considerable time for credit managers and other users, allowing them to focus on making strategic decisions while maintaining efficiency as an essential component.

User-Centric Innovation

Which has always been at the heart of My DSO Manager's mission. The addition of document association demonstrates the team's dedication to continuously improving the platform's capabilities, which are closely aligned with the demands and goals of credit management specialists.

How does it work?

This new functionality allows you to download files linked to one or more accounting documents (invoices, credit notes, etc.) into your platform. For example when qualifying documents with status and comment, also attach attachments and define whether these files should be included in internal and external interactive emails:

Then view them in the account statement of the customer file:

As well as in reminder emails:

It's that simple!😊

This feature allows users to be proactive, make informed decisions, reduce risks and optimize collection operations. It allows them to be more responsive thanks to documentation that is easily accessible in the blink of an eye!
It helps to reinforce a key advantage of using My DSO Manager: all the information necessary for trade receivable collection is located in the software, accessible to each actor in the commercial relationship , whether internal: collection team, credit management department, salesperson, director, sales administration, or external: accounts payable, buyers, client side.

Find our online help section detailing the different possibilities of this Electronic Internal Document Management to your My DSO Manager software!