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Display key comments from credit analysis on customer file!

Do you want to display key comments from credit analysis on the customer file? To do this, simply click on the little star next to your comment in the Risk report tab:

Credit analysis comment

The comment is now in bold to distinguish it from others.

This will also display the comment at the top of the customer file. This makes it immediately visible to all users who connect to this customer account:

Credit analysis comment

You also have the possibility to select and highlight several comments if needed.

This makes easier for credit manager or financial directors to validate, or not, a credit limit during their analysis. Immediately, most of the information on the evolution of a company's situation is accessible to decision-makers. It enables them to make decisions quickly and on the basis of complete and exhaustive information:

  • Current customer account situation: delays? Ongoing disputes? etc.
  • Financial and behavioral information from a financial information provider.
  • History on your platform: payer profile and its evolution over the last few months, performance indicators (DSO, recovery rate, cash forecast, credit report, etc.).
  • Amount of guarantees from a credit insurer or others (bank guarantees, parent company guarantees, etc.).
  • Scoring and credit analyses carried out internally.

Thanks to the centralization of real-time data on their My DSO Manager platform, credit managers make quicker decisions. They also base them on complete and qualitative information. Combining quality and efficiency is essential in a world where everything is moving ever faster. Even more when there is an ever-increasing volume of customers to manage.