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View the aging balance as of previous dates!
Tuesday, April 25 2017

It is now possible to display the aging balance report at an earlier date in My DSO Manager. This approach is particularly relevant to review the evolution of overdue from one day to the next and to observe developments on previous dates (for example, at the end of each month, or ...
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New report → overdue trend
Wednesday, April 19 2017

Several novelties and improvements concerning the evolution of the results & performance will be put online in the coming weeks in My DSO Manager! The first report added shows the evolution of overdue over time (weekly or monthly). Like the other reports, it is filterable by customer ...
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News My DSO Manager
Wednesday, March 29 2017

Filter your Aging Balance according to the items statuses It is now possible to filter the Aging Balance by type of status and status. • Tips → Create an alert to display payment promises not met It is now possible to create an alert displaying all customers who ...
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Create an alert to display payment promises not met!
Monday, March 20 2017

alert name • Number of days after promise of payment date the alert is triggered • If your customer does not pay the invoices qualified in promise to pay within 7 days after the date of promise of payment, it will appear in the alert and then you can chase ...
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Filter your Aging Balance according to the items statuses!
Monday, March 13 2017

one or several status types (in bold). In this case, all the statuses belonging to this category are included in the filter. • one or several statuses. • The report displays only the amounts corresponding to the items (invoices, holdings ...) associated with the selected ...
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Confirm the promises to pay!
Monday, March 6 2017

It has been shown that promises to pay are 40% more respected when they have been confirmed to the client by the collector. The principle is simple: once a buyer commits to the payment of one or more invoices at a given date, send him an e-mail confirming that you have ...
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News My DSO Manager
Tuesday, December 13 2016

Importing your data by SFTP → Automatic import via FTP is now possible in SFTP (SSH FTP) and FTPS (FTP secure) to meet all needs. Sending of files can be done at any time of the day and several times a day if necessary. Data, actions and reports are ...
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Speed up disputes resolution with internal interactive emails!
Thursday, December 1 2016

Internal interactive emails are a very powerful communication tool to interact with internal stakeholders of your company. In particular, it makes possible to speed up the resolution of disputes by concentrating in one place all exchanges between the various parties involved without the need ...
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