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My DSO Manager news of October, 25th 2017
Wednesday, October 25 2017

Items Status → it's now possible to set the default number of days after which the follow-up action will be triggered in Settings / Manage item status : During the items qualification and the specific action creation, the proposed date can of course be changed. • A ...
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Connect Ellisphere with My DSO Manager
Tuesday, October 24 2017

Since few days, it's possible to integrate your Ellisphere data (Score and Recommended Credit) to your customers files using our new connector. This new feature allows you to daily follow-up your account receivable against Ellisphere recommendations, and thus facilitates your credit risk ...
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Quickly filters items of a customer account!
Wednesday, September 20 2017

You can use the multi-columns search fonction. For example, to display only the transactions linked to the PO No « 12/091/APC »: • Or use the advanced search fonction: • Then set-up your criteria, for example, if you want to display only the invoices of a ...
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Add a global comment to your customer file or to a contact!
Tuesday, September 12 2017

It may be relevant to show certain information about your customer: risk, blocked account, general behavior ... In order to attract attention it's possible to enter a general comment at the customer file level (not specific to certain transactions). To do so edit your customer account ...
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My DSO Manager news of September 5, 2017
Tuesday, September 5 2017

Evolution of the interactive emails landing page and internal interactive emails : An icon « comment sent » appears on each transaction when a comment has been sent by the customer or by the internal user • It is also possible to export the account statement in Excel ...
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News My DSO Manager
Tuesday, July 11 2017

Order backlog is now included into the total outstanding amount → it's now possible to import the amount of order backlog per customer (orders received not invoiced yet). This information is added to the receivables to obtain the total outstanding amount of an account, which is ...
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