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Grouped collection: use the dedicated #Hashtag! (Wednesday, January 31 2024)

Do you have several accounts for the same customer whose accounting is centralized?

My DSO Manager allows you to group collection of several accounts in order to perform one action instead of several, and thus streamline communication with your customers.

In order to make the account statements sent even more relevant, you can use the new #Hashtag #items_list_collection_grouped_splitted.

This tag displays a consolidated statement of account but split by customer account with a subtotal by account: Group Account Status This account statement makes it easier to payable accounting to read your reminder and allows them to give you an appropriate return.

Adding other tags to your email will also display other information such as total overdue, #items_amount_overdue, or total outstanding with #items_amount.

Please note that this #Hashtag must be activated on your platform. Contact us if you want to use it.
Find in the online help the list of available #Hashtags.

Recovery is above all a problem of communication: communicating the right information, to the right people and at the right time is a key element of success. Thanks to the multiple customization possibilities, My DSO Manager allows you to implement extremely qualitative automated or semi-automated communication!