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How to group the collection?

You have multiple accounts for a single customer and you want to make a consolidated collection?

My DSO Manager allows you to « Group the collection » of multiple customer accounts on one, and avoid multiple sendings to the same contact responsible for these accounts.

To implement this « Grouped collection », three steps are necessary:

1 Go to the client searchLink, enter the criteria for selecting the accounts to be grouped.

Tips → You can use a simple copy / paste to quickly filter the list of clients to group, more info: Quickly select a list of clients or items using a copy-paste

2 Once your selection done, click on the "Group collection" button:

Group the collection

3 And choose the account in which the collection will be made:

Grouped account

The items from the grouped accounts are integrated into the selected account:

Customer grouped file

  1. The list of grouped customer is displayed at the « Actions to do » level
  2. The original customer account code is added to the account statement
  3. Due to the grouping of the accounts a new leader invoice is generated and will determine the corresponding scenario action
  4. Specific actions, status, and comments previously created on items before grouping are kept
Grouped customer accounts no longer contain collections actions to be performed since they are centralized in the account defined in step 3:

Grouped client message

Use the #Hashtag « #items_list_collection_grouped_splitted » in your emails and follow-up letters. It allows you to display a consolidated accounts statement but split by customer account.

To remove an account from the grouped collection, click [Cancel] in the relevant customer file.

To see all the accounts that have been grouped, go to the advanced search, and select the criteria « Collection grouped ».

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