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Connect Creditsafe with My DSO Manager
Friday, March 2 2018

It's possible to include your Creditsafe data (« Note » and « Recommended Credit ») to your customers files using our connector « Creditsafe Connect ». This feature allows you to daily follow-up your account receivable against Creditsafe's...
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How to export data from My DSO Manager ?
Tuesday, February 13 2018

From most My DSO Manager screens and reports it is possible to export the data to Excel, with a simple click on this button: The columns separator is set by the language of your account → for English it is a comma "," for most of other...
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Why associate a Collector to your clients?
Wednesday, January 31 2018

In My DSO Manager the Collector is the person in charge of collection for one or several customers. You can assign a collector either « customer by customer » form the customer sheet, « in mass » with the help of the customer search, or by the...
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Approve your credit limits in My DSO Manager
Thursday, December 14 2017

Set a credit limit for each of your buyers allows to manage your accounts receivable according to their financial capacity and their solvency. This is a key element in the management of the risk of bad debts, which is the root cause of financial...
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My DSO Manager news of November, 15th 2017
Wednesday, November 15 2017

Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager: Creation of a multi-criteria advanced search → It's now possible to perform searches mixing items criteria (invoices, credit notes, payments, ...) and clients (client code, collector,...
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Connect Ellisphere with My DSO Manager
Tuesday, October 24 2017

It's possible to integrate your Ellisphere data (Score and Recommended Credit) to your customers files using our new connector. This feature allows you to daily follow-up your account receivable against Ellisphere recommendations, and thus...
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Edit or delete comments without creating new status
Monday, October 16 2017

Do you have a new information, a comment to complete or to correct on an item ? Status and comments are editable by clicking on the desired item, then by editing it with the pencil on the bottom right: If this comment has been applied to...
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