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Interview with François Goujon from Mr. Bricolage

François Goujon - MBSA Third Party Accounting Manager
François Goujon
MBSA Third Party Accounting Manager
Mr. Bricolage
Could you introduce Mr. Bricolage?
Mr.Bricolage is a group of independent member-contractors, specializing in the renovation and embellishment of the home and garden. We are a popular brand with 87% awareness (source IFOP May 2019), appreciated by our customers and partners. Over the past 3 years, our Group has undertaken a major transformation in order to become the undisputed leader in proximity in its market. We have undertaken this transformation in order to better respond to changing needs, uses and lifestyles. It is fundamental to enable us to continue to assert our uniqueness in an ultra-competitive market. Our strategy is ambitious: to have 1,000 points of sale by 2028, i.e. a Mr.Bricolage point of sale less than 20 minutes away from every French person. The development of the Mr.Bricolage group is based on a multi-brand, multi-format and multi-channel offer. The Mr.Bricolage group's development model is based on a multi-brand, multi-format and multi-channel offer. The coverage of the territory, the animation of the networks and the development of a multi-channel business are at the heart of the Mr.Bricolage group's development model.

Why did you choose My DSO Manager?
We saw or studied about ten editors. The email reminder was the most successful. Clear, complete, efficient. Easy link with the Ged. The tool is implemented in ten days. The configuration and use are simple and intuitive. A real relationship of trust with the different people involved in My DSO Manager, Bertrand, Jérémie, Eddy. My DSO Manager best suited our needs and our daily operations.

What would you say about the support of the My DSO Manager team?
The tool was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, the support was very good and our questions were answered directly. Bertrand dealt with the structural questions within the first few minutes. There were no long phases of drafting specifications, processing discrepancies between our needs and the tool's functionalities, no acceptance phase, and no back and forth for corrections. The tool is immediately operational. We were able to get all the answers to our questions quickly.

What performance improvements have you seen?
The outstanding balance has been halved from €8M to €4M. The accountants have practically erased the time spent on basic dunning actions. (Sending statements, sending duplicates, pre-reminder, reminder. The dunning actions are almost completely automated. We wanted to keep a visual control before sending. The tool allows a better collaboration, we went from 1.151 customers paying on the due date to 1.425 in 6 months. This is where we see the efficiency of the tool through the pre-releases with the GED link of the attached invoices. The tool accompanies/disciplines the customers. Our reminder schedule is organized and punctuated by our automatic and manual actions, which greatly simplifies our daily work and saves us a lot of time. No more need to launch programs, to write letters and emails.

What do you expect from My DSO Manager in the future?
  • Easy to check the consistency between the My DSO Manager reminder level and the deadline. Are all actions carried out by the accountants on time?
  • Save time with preventive dunning so that customers anticipate their payment on time and become more punctual.

What would you say to someone considering using My DSO Manager?
Go for it! Great software to manage your credit department, don't hesitate and get to know it right away!

What are the three strong points of My DSO Manager?
  • Software immediately operational and easy to use
  • Collaboration
  • Reactivity of the team.