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The reminder email, a marketing and strategic object.
Wednesday, May 4 2022

It is estimated that more than 270 billion emails are sent worldwide every day. This is far more than the daily volume of text messages, which is limited to 200 billion (quite an achievement, nonetheless). So how can we not ask ourselves the...
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The electronic invoicing
Tuesday, May 3 2022

VSEs and SMEs represent more than 99% of companies established in the territory. Confronted with problems of archiving and paper logistics, they are in the front line of the digital transition. What does the law say about the dematerialization of...
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Discover the services connected to My DSO Manager
Friday, April 15 2022

My DSO Manager solution is interconnected with a set of service providers to bring you all the information and services needed to reach an optimal Accounts Receivable management. How does it work? To use the associated services, you must have...
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Setup alerts when AR reaches xx % of credit limit!
Thursday, March 31 2022

You certainly use credit limits to manage your customer outstandings as well as the related functionalities: validation workflow, risk report, scoring, etc. Anticipate the management of your credit limits! It is now possible to be alerted...
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Why carry out credit analyses?
Thursday, March 17 2022

In order to avoid litigation as much as possible, it is necessary to quickly identify the risks of non-payment. This is where credit analysis comes in. The credit analysis studies the client's macro-environment: The customer: Financial...
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