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Update your resolver to any situation!

As specific actions unfold in real-time, we occasionally encounter changes in our internal contacts, our resolvers, etc.

To ensure optimal efficiency and relevance in follow-up actions, the previously identified resolver during item qualification needs to be updated.

Here's how to make the change in just a few clicks:

From the specific action:

Modify your specific action, as usual to update it:

Action update

Then update your Resolver by selecting the new one from the drop-down list:

Resolver update

If no further changes need to be made, click Modify and you're done!

From the item:

By clicking on the item which gives you its details.

To update your resolver, click on Modify in the corresponding status field:

Items resolver update

Then select the desired resolver and click on Save:

Resolver statut update

If the status concerns several invoices, My DSO Manager will ask you whether the modification should be applied to all the items:

Validation MAJ Resolver statut
  • Ok : the resolver is modified for all items originally concerned.
  • Cancel: only the resolver for the selected item is modified.

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