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Involve your sales manager in customer relationship management

Would you like to get your sales and commercial staff more involved in the collection process?
Now, it's possible and recommended in My DSO Manager!

Sales manager and sales administration are your customers' key contacts on a daily basis. They are on the front line in collecting important information for risk management and receivables management.

My DSO Manager has strengthened its functionality as a collaborative tool among various stakeholders by empowering users with a "commercial" role. These players, who are actively involved in both collection support and dispute resolution, can now independently plan and oversee specific actions, increasing their involvement.
This new function saves you time and provides you more control!

Let's imagine that, following a customer visit, the sales manager has identified an administrative dispute: a 5% discount granted to the customer has not been applied to the invoice, and a credit note needs to be issued.

To do so, the user goes to the customer's file and qualifies the items in the usual way.
Why and how to qualify documents (invoices, credit notes, etc.)
How to create and close a dispute?

In step 3, profiles with a "Sales manager" role can create a specific action to follow the dispute through to resolution.

Qualification de la pièce

Its follow-up action will thus be visible in the tab Collection :

Suivi de l'action

The credit note has been issued and the sales manager has ensured that the dispute has been resolved with the customer.
The customer confirmed payment of the invoice and credit note.

The sales manager can then "Complete the specific action" he had created for follow-up.
This action will then automatically qualify the item as a resolved dispute, which brings it back into the collection scenario.

How do I create a specific action?
How to make live a specific action?

This applies to any specific action that the sales manager may take, such as following up on a promise to pay, where they can define the collection manager as the resolver.

So don't wait any longer, connect your team to My DSO Manager, a cash-focused collaboration and customer satisfaction tool!