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Collect in My DSO Manager » Why and how to qualify items (invoices, credit notes...)?

My DSO Manager purpose is to bring the customer to pay with logical sequence of reminders actions. This is possible through:

  • the progressive actions of collection scenarios,

  • the history of performed actions and associated comments. These allow you to perform the next action based on previous.

It is therefore necessary after each customer feedback to associate a status and a comment to the bills concerned.

This qualification is performed on the customer sheet in the statement of account:

Qualify items

Check items selected then click the « Change status » button.

add a comment

Select the status and the date to be associated with items taken into account and then add a comment describing the feedback of the customer.

You can then send a confirmation email to your customer or an internal actor of your company (sales manager, customer care department...). My DSO Manager will include automatically the information previously indicated (status, comment, items) .

The last step is to decide what will be the next action:

Define collection strategy

  • either let the collection scenario going forward. My DSO Manager will propose to do the next action of the workflow

  • or set a specific action which may be more appropriate. It would exclude selected items from the collection scenario (promise to pay follow-up action in above example)

    It is possible in the ettingsLink to define by status the default number of days after which the follow-up action will be triggered.

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