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Customize and save your searches in My DSO Manager!

As the first step in an evolution called «Search & Assign», it is now possible to save your searches and personalized reports in your My DSO Manager platform.

To do this, the menu has been slightly modified with the addition of a new tab to separate the «Clients» and «Search» sections:
My DSO Manager menu

Carry out your search using all the available criteria and operators at your leisure. The software allows an infinite number of combinations to bring out the information that makes sense to you; so much so that the limits are more those of our mind than those of technique. Click on the «Save» button and give this search a name:
My DSO Manager menu

The search is saved. It is possible to :
  • Sort saved searches in order of importance by holding the left mouse button on this item My DSO Manager menu and dragging.
  • View the result of each search, in real time, of course, and export it.
  • Modify the criteria, rename the search, or delete it.
My DSO Manager menu

Some of you will have understood, the second stage of this development will make it possible to carry out automatic assignments of collection scenarios, customer groups, portfolios of collectors or salespeople, etc., based on the dynamic criteria defined during these searches.

Next communication will include tutorials and webinars to explain in detail this powerful functionality, which fits perfectly into the flexibility and agility of your software.

We promise, it will be before April 1st 😀