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Create an alert "Late customers without action done last xx days"

Time management and collection efficiency are closely linked: the probability of collecting a debt decreases rapidly as the weeks go by.

It is therefore necessary to intervene early, certainly even before the due date, then to instill a dynamic process of recovery actions encouraging internal (for disputes) and external interlocutors to fix the problem(s) that are blocking the payment.

The approach can be broken down as follows: request, listen, share, process, until the problem is resolved and payment is obtained. This helps to achieve an optimal performance and increases your company's credibility with your customers.

This is what My DSO Manager allows thanks to all of its functionalities: collection scenarios, qualification of documents, specific actions, etc.!

However, sometimes a customer or an invoice slips through the cracks. To identify them, create an alert of the type "Customers overdue and without action taken for xx days."

How to do?

It's very simple as usual with My DSO Manager 😊 Go to "Collection" then "My alerts":
Missing reminder alert
Create a new alert with, for example, the criteria indicated below:
Warning absence of reminder criteria
It's done, find late customers on a daily basis without action taken for more than ten days:
Warning missing result raise
All you have to do is open each client account and take the appropriate action.