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How to create alerts

In My DSO Manager you can create alerts based on multiple criteria, to highlight certain customer accounts according to your business rules.

Various alert types can be defined to highlight:
  • Debt collection alert
    For example, if an overdue customer has not been reminded for xx days.
  • Alerts relating to customer risk management
    For example, if the outstanding amount exceeds the guarantee granted by the credit insurer.
  • More generic alerts, without any category
    For example, a customer whose country is France and who is not in the Europe customer group.
Depending on the type, alerts appear in the Alerts section of the collection or Risk tab:

My alerts, Collection tab:

My Alerts, Risk tab:

Alerts with a type None will appear in both tabs.

Alert creation

You can create as many alerts as you want, defining the criteria for each one.
For each alert, you can define
  • The visibility to other users.
    If an alert is not visible for all users, a padlock will appear in the alert name.
  • Type of alert: Collection, Risk or None.
  • Alert level: define the degree of importance of your alert.
    The color corresponding to the criticality level will be displayed to the left of the alert label.
  • Criteria: select your criteria in the same way as for the « Advanced Search » Customers or Items functionality.
In the example above, customers in arrears, excluding disputed items, who have not been reminded for more than 10 days, appear in the alert.

Interpretation of criteria

Alerts can be configured according to two types of criteria.
Customer information, corresponding to all elements relating to the customer account (outstanding, overdue, group, country...) and document information (due dates, document type...).

The selected criteria are used to filter the customer accounts that match all the selected criteria.

Amount (here, for example, overdue): Set a minimum and maximum threshold here.
Note that if you only want overdue accounts above a certain amount, leave the right-hand box empty, as shown below:


Dates (e.g. last reminder):
In this case, My DSO Manager selects customers whose last collection date is less than (older than) today minus 10 days.

Alerte Recherche Date

List of values : for these criteria, you can select either « is » or « is not » and choose the desired data from a list, and include several conditions:
In this example, the alert targets customers in the « VIP Customers » group who are not based in France.


Closed response criteria : for these criteria, the question can be answered with « Yes » or « No »:
In this case, the alert will relate to items ignored during collection


Find all definitions My DSO Manager for creating your alerts.

Alert notification

If a customer is concerned by one or more alerts, a bell with the number of alerts appears:
  • In the alerts list
  • In the customer file.
The list of alerts can be consulted by hovering over the bell. If the alert has a Collection or Risk type, this is indicated before the alert name.
Its color is determined by the alert's criticality.
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