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Connect Dun & Bradstreet with My DSO Manager
Wednesday, February 20 2019

Since few days, it's possible to integrate your Dun & Bradstreet data (Paydex, Score and Recommended Credit) to your customers files using our new connector. This new feature allows you to daily follow-up your account receivable against Dun & Bradstreet recommendations, and thus ...
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My DSO Manager news of January, 9th 2019
Tuesday, January 8 2019

Users access restriction to customers accounts they are assigned to. • Use the Hashtag #items_list_overdue_exclude_late_penalties to display a statement of due invoices without late payment penalties, even if they are activated on the customer sheet. • Use the Hashtag ...
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Use the Hashtag #items_list_monthly !
Monday, November 12 2018

Do you want your customers to view their statement of account by months of due dates? → Use the #items_list_monthly to display a full statement of account including a subtotal per month of due dates: ...
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My DSO Manager new web design and features!
Monday, November 5 2018

Customization of the Aging balance → It's now possible to define up to seven columns in your Aging balance (against five previously). The brackets can be set according to your preferences up to 365 days late. Contact us to change your setup. • It is also possible to ...
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Save your reports filters to reuse them quickly!
Wednesday, October 31 2018

Do you filter your reports regularly using the same criteria? → Add the report page with the desired filters to your web browser bookmarks (Chrome, Firefox, Edge...)! Just click on this bookmark to find your filtered report again: ...
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My DSO Manager news of September, 27th 2018
Thursday, September 27 2018

Setup the Collector by default in Settings / Manage collection scenarios → the collector will be automatically assigned to new customers so that it is immediately managed by the right person. The Collection scenario by default, can also be set up at the same place. • ...
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Group the collection of several customer accounts
Thursday, June 14 2018

Group the collection of several customer accounts → you have multiple accounts for a single customer and you want to make a consolidated collection? This new feature allows more efficiency and better communication with your multi-accounts customers. • Quickly ...
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