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My DSO Manager takes off with Aéroports de Paris!
Wednesday, January 17 2024

In the second half of 2023, My DSO Manager won a public tender for the entire Paris Airport Group! This marks a new victory for the company that publishes the eponymous software, which was hosted at the Tarmac in Montbonnot from 2017 to 2019. A...
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How to collect past due and non-due items at once?
Friday, December 15 2023

The effectiveness of cash collection between professionals depends largely on the quality of communication with your clients. It is not a question of overwhelming your debtors with e-mails or electronic letters reminders but of favoring actions...
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Create a credit-insurer claim alert
Friday, December 8 2023

A credit insurance contract is managed on a daily basis. Beyond any compensation, it is useful as a preventive measure and encourages the application of good practices in the management of trade receivables. One of the clauses of a credit...
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New alerts for My DSO Manager!
Monday, November 20 2023

Perhaps you noticed it on our socials, newsletter, or online help, Our Credit management and Cash collection software alerts have been improved! An internal project We found that enhancing the alert creation user interface was imperative. We also...
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The reminder e-mail, a marketing and strategic object.
Wednesday, September 20 2023

It is estimated that more than 270 billion e-mails are sent worldwide every day. This is far more than the daily volume of text messages, which is limited to 200 billion (quite an achievement, nonetheless). So how can we not ask ourselves the...
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