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Interview with Romy Tognon, Head of Rexel Group Treasury, Digital payment & Credit management

Romy Tognon - Head of Group Treasury
Romy Tognon
Head of Group Treasury


Our initial challenge was to replace the manual customer reminders and accounts receivable management systems in order to streamline customer relations and focus on higher-value-added tasks. We were looking for a tool that would enable us to manage follow-ups efficiently, allowing our teams in China and France to collaborate effectively. We launched a call for proposals to find the most suitable solution that would meet our requirements for simplicity and flexibility.

We needed a unified software solution that could be seamlessly integrated across all our group entities, including China and France, and have the ability to involve our US hierarchy for development purposes.


After conducting an exhaustive evaluation as part of the bidding process, we selected My DSO Manager as the most comprehensive and adaptable software editor, best suited to the needs and objectives of our global and local teams.

This collaboration, along with your responsiveness and adaptability to our specific needs, has allowed us to gain greater control over our processes and implement a web-based solution that is entirely tailored to our specifications.

The results

The implementation of your software has produced significant results, although precise quantification of the effects has been difficult due to various changes within our subsidiaries and business activities.

However, several positive results have emerged. We have seen an improvement in trust between subsidiaries and better global visibility thanks to real-time views of the group. Our digitalization process has also been enhanced, promoting transparency between the whole Group and local teams .

In addition, the use of your software has led to better application of practices such as the calibration of customer payment behavior indicators . Finally, our communication with customers has improved thanks to well-designed and structured e-mail templates, which has had a positive impact on our image. The software's intuitiveness, accessibility, and responsiveness, particularly in regions like China with strict firewalls, have been invaluable. The presence of a credit manager, combined with the regular follow-up and collaboration between your teams and ours, was key to the success of this project.