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Interview with Graham Baguley, Financial Account Supervisor in Via East Midland

Graham Baguley - Financial Account Supervisor
Graham Baguley
Financial Account Supervisor
Via East Midland


Our previous system lacked essential features for effective credit management. It did not offer the necessary tools for handling the required tasks.

Additionally, the system we were accustomed to for managing our collection processes proved insufficient for our needs. This limitation prompted our decision to choose your solution.


Your solution's simplicity and user-friendliness allowed us to swiftly implement it. We appreciated the ease with which we could tailor it to our specific standards and preferences.

In terms of implementation, we took a hands-on approach. Without requiring any support, we procured the software from your website, completed the necessary steps, paid the fee, and set everything up ourselves. Daily data imports from spreadsheets became a routine, without the need for complex interfaces with our existing system.

We initially employed the smart upload feature and have since continued to rely on the import method. Our interactions with your support team were minor, even though if there was any the response was very quick and fast.

It's worth nothing that we primarily manage our cash flow through our own finance system. However, your software plays a vital role in our operations, particularly in sending initial reminders, final notices, and facilitating phone calls as part of our well-defined processes.

We've adopted various collection scenarios to cater to the unique needs of each client relation strategy. For select clients, we utilize automatic processes to ensure timely email dispatch, while strategic clients benefit from semi-automated approaches, by simply pressing a button.

The results

We've been using your software for nearly four years, and it has made a significant positive impact on our operations. During this four year, we've encountered no errors or importing issues, and the few minor problems we did encounter were swiftly and effectively resolved by your support team, demonstrating a remarkable 9 out of 10 in responsiveness and speed.

Our collection manager now operates with an efficient workflow, saving time and streamlining daily tasks. This has significantly improved our account receivable management.

Since implementing your software, our cash collection has improved substantially. Instead of allowing debts to linger to 90 days overdue, we now collect within 60 days, resulting in a significant 30% enhancement in cash flow and collection efficiency. This has made a substantial difference for us, particularly in terms of treasury management.

In relation to customer relationships, we have experienced noticeable improvements. While we previously had a close connection with our clients, your software has facilitated more frequent and structured communication with them.

Your software has become an integral part of our daily finance operations. We appreciate its simplicity and ease of use. It stands out as an excellent software solution, especially when compared to more complex alternatives. Furthermore, it is reasonably priced, offering excellent value. Your large customer base speaks to its flexibility, simplicity, and intuitiveness, which have remained consistent over these four years.

For anyone considering your software, our recommendation is unequivocal: go for it! It has greatly benefitted us, and we have stuck with it since adopting it. We made minor adjustments as our work methods evolved. Overall, it's an outstanding software solution.

The three most positive aspects of your software that stand out are:

  • The flexibility to customize templates, allowing us to tailor everything to our specific needs,
  • The adaptability to the UK date format, which has a significant impact on our data analysis and collection processes, especially when dealing with international date formats. You can change however you want, American date format, French format etc. which is really handy,
  • The software's simplicity and visually appealing interface, making it a pleasure to work with, and it performs exceptionally well.