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Discover the Insights, and improve the quality of your data in My DSO Manager!

You have probably noticed a target-shaped icon on the right side of your My DSO Manager platform. We are excited to share with you this new feature being called Insights,
This is our best tool allowing you to improve the quality of your data available on the platform.

Insights report is a flagship feature for 2023! It was developed by our credit management experts in order to increase the quality of your actions, in particular by allowing more automation!

Insights Report

Insights is a 100% customizable report, which highlights everything that needs to be improved in terms of data fondation quality and software settings. The more these two aspects are optimized, the more actions can be automated, maintaining the collection managers where their intervention and negotiation skills are at their best.

Insights settings generate real-time reports, enabling swift identification and correction of a wide range of anomalies and inconsistencies. Such as:

  • Customer accounts with the same legal ID to offer you grouped dunning.
  • Clients with unspecified contact information for collections or with an incorrect email address.
  • Outstanding reconciliations in accountig.
  • Customers lacking a designated collections representative, or those with no recent activity for xx days.
  • Payment terms that are not in accordance with the credit policy.
  • Invoices with credit (negative) amounts.
  • Payment commitements that are not honored for xx days, and so forth.

Screenshot of Insight report

Discover Insights report! How to improve your data for greater efficiency?

Read our tutorial.