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Everyone on their agenda!
Friday, February 3 2023

Accounts Receivable and cash collection concerns all the actors of the company in contact with customers. It is therefore not an activity reserved for specialists, credit managers and debt collectors, or for accountants, but also for salespeople,...
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The Alpine Style: a method, a way of life, a software!
Monday, January 30 2023

Discover the frozen mountains that are the source of My DSO Manager, where it was born and developed. The principle of Alpine Style is much more than a technique for climbing the highest mountains in the blink of an eye, or by extrapolation of...
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Create reminder templates that fit best your brand!
Monday, January 9 2023

Discover the almost endless possibilities in My DSO Manager to create your e-mail templates, letters, SMS or Electronic Registered Letters (ERL). They must be both relevant and attractive in order to convey the image you want to impress on your...
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Happy New Year 2023!
Friday, January 6 2023

The entirety of My DSO Manager's team would like to express their gratitude for your trust and reaffirm their commitment to stand by your side, as always, throughout the next challenges....
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Visualize your disputes in real time!
Wednesday, December 28 2022

Identifying and dealing with disputes is a good business practice and essential to preserve customer satisfaction and cash flow. However, what if more and more disputes are generated by deficiencies in your company's sales process? Recurring...
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Resolving a dispute is as easy as a few clicks!
Thursday, December 22 2022

The user-friendly and intuitive interface of My DSO Manager makes it simple to log a dispute, categorize it, and assign it to the appropriate team for resolution and follow-up in just a few clicks. The interface enables you to quickly add...
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Create a credit-insurer claim alert
Wednesday, October 12 2022

A credit insurance contract is managed on a daily basis. Beyond any compensation, it is useful as a preventive measure and encourages the application of good practices in the management of trade receivables. One of the clauses of a credit...
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