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Display your custom fields in your reminders with #client_custom_field1 tags

You have defined in My DSO Manager custom fields for customers, which can be analytical fields, allowing you to display your performance by customer segmentation or any other criteria specific to your company?

It is possible to display this information in your reminder documents: e-mails, e-mails interactive, electronic mail with acknowledgement of receipt (forget paper mail, which is expensive, polluting, slow, etc.) or even SMS using the appropriate #Hashtags:

  • #client_custom_field1 for custom field 1
  • #client_custom_field2 for custom field 2
  • #client_custom_field... for custom field...
  • #client_custom_field6 for custom field 6
The ease of creating reminder templates, formatting them the way you want, and then customizing them provides unparalleled added value to your dunning actions.

Cash collection between businesses is an art, whose potential is revealed with the quality of My DSO Manager and the almost infinite possibilities of personalizing the communication media with your customers and your colleagues.
Création modèle e-mail

Find below the list of available #Hashtags as well as our tutorials for optimizing the effectiveness and credibility of your actions: