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How to create or modify a collection scenario action?

The creation and modification of scenarios actions is done in the Settings / Manage collection scenariosLink.

Manage scenarios

Just click on an action to change it and it is possible to:

  • Delete the action
  • Rename the action
  • Define when the action is triggered in the collection agenda of the collector compared to the due date of the oldest invoice of the customer account.
    Eg « + 18 days » in the example below.
  • Specify the type of the action: phone, @ email, dunning letter, litigation, sms, ...
  • Write the contents of the recovery document including text and #Hashtags
  • Set the language of the action (to get the text of #Hashtags in the right language)
  • Define whether the action is automatic (it will not be possible to modify it when it will be sent) and to be confirmed or not (if the action is to be confirmed, the collector will need to validate it in the collection agenda before sending. If it is an automatic action not to be confirmed, the email will be sent automatically on the date of the action)
Manual actions by email and sms are customizable from the agenda or the customer sheet. The template is displayed but the collector can modify the email before sending it depending on the customer. Automatic actions are not customizable before sending.

Example of settings of a dunning action by email:

Modify an action
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