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How to manage templates of emails and SMS?

During your collection actions, you are likely to send emails or SMS to your customers in order to follow your collection process.
Thanks to My DSO Manager, you can configure the content of your actions according to your needs.

The content of an email or a SMS includes text and information automatically retrieved throug #Hashtag.

Emails can be set as interactive: What are the interactive emails and how to activate them?

The templates are managed in the Settings / Manage collection scenariosLink.

To create or modify a template, simply enter text and insert #Hashtag to dynamically retrieve content to which they correspond:
modèle de mail de relance

For example, if you insert the tag #items_list, a table will appear in the dunning document containing all items(invoices, credit notes ...) of your customer account:

liste des pièces

It is also possible to add links, to format text with colors, bold ... using the tool bar above the text frame.

To view the results of your model, click the Preview button.

The #Hashtag are of three types:

  • Customer information (business name, adress, legal ID...)
  • Items, amount and statements of account (overdue amount, items list...)
  • Information about your company (logo, late payment penalty rate, bank details...) and yourself (name, email, phone number...)
→ See the #Hashtag list.

When you perform the action, you can customize the template and modify its contents, unless the action is automatic. In this case, the model is no longer editable.

You can also send your letters through My DSO Manager. To see more: How to manage your letters templates?
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