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How to manage your letters templates?

During your collection process, you are likely to send letters to your customers to follow your collection process.
Thanks to My DSO Manager, you have three types of mail, configurable according to your needs:

  • Dunning letter
  • Dunning letter with AR (Acknowledgment of Receipt)

Creation of the action

The contents of a letter consists of text and information automatically retrieved through #Hashtag.
The templates are managed in the Settings / Manage collection scenariosLink.

To create or modify a template, click on the desired action.
You just need to enter some text and insert#Hashtag to dynamically retrieve the content to which they correspond: :

modèle de courrier de relance

For example, if you insert the tag #items_list, a table will appear in the dunning document containing all documents (invoices, credit notes ...) of your customer account:

liste des pièces

It is also possible to insert HTML tags to format your post mails. For example to bold text or amounts, add titles or tables. For a list of HTML tags, search on the internet.
To view the results of your model, click the Preview button.

The #Hashtag will allow you to display the accounting documents and account situation (overdue amounts, account statement ...) , your own information (name, email, telephone numbers, etc.) as well as your company information (late payment penalty rate applied, bank details, etc.).
→ see the #Hashtag list.

The customer's address is retrieved automatically using the elements on his card.
Your information entered in the section My AccountLink are also retrieved to display your company name, address, logo, etc.

Upload your logo and click on the checkbox "Display your company's logo in letters" so that it is included in your mail.

Sending a letter

For actions of Dunning letter and Dunning letter with AR type, when the action is proposed to you in your CollectionLink agenda, you can view, save in PDF and print the letter in order to send it manually. Then all you have to do is click on Complete action button to confirm the sending and proceed to the next scenario action.

From the CollectionLinkagenda, you can create a single PDF file containing all the selected dunning letters, which makes it easier to use a dematerialization solution for sending letter.
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