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Customize and save your searches in My DSO Manager!
Friday, March 8 2024

As the first step in an evolution called «Search & Assign», it is now possible to save your searches and personalized reports in your My DSO Manager platform. To do this, the menu has been slightly modified with the addition of a new tab to...
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Update your resolver to any situation!
Thursday, March 7 2024

As specific actions unfold in real-time, we occasionally encounter changes in our internal contacts, our resolvers, etc.To ensure optimal efficiency and relevance in follow-up actions, the previously identified resolver during item qualification...
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Your DSO report based on US GAAP calendar and formula
Wednesday, March 6 2024

The US GAAP 4-4-5 calendar is a standardized accounting calendar commonly used in the United States.It divides the year into four quarters, each containing 13 weeks. We then divide these 13-week quarters into four-week periods. The only exception is...
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Precise and Dynamic Aging Balance Analysis!
Tuesday, March 5 2024

My DSO Manager enhance your analytical capabilities with customizable filters for detailed report analysis, including options like customer groups and custom fields. For a more precise and dynamic analysis, you can zoom into specific slices within...
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Create an alert to display payment promises not met!
Thursday, February 15 2024

It is now possible to create an alert displaying all customers who have not respected their promise of payment. To do this, go to Collection / My alerts and set the criteria for triggering the alert: Alert nameNumber of days after promise of...
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Grouped collection: use the dedicated #Hashtag!
Wednesday, January 31 2024

Do you have several accounts for the same customer whose accounting is centralized? My DSO Manager allows you to group collection of several accounts in order to perform one action instead of several, and thus streamline communication with your...
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Embracing Diversity: Polish Platform Launch!
Friday, January 26 2024

We're excited to announce the Polish version of our platform, marking a significant milestone in our journey. This growth demonstrates our commitment to serving a diverse global audience, making our platform more user-friendly and accessible to...
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