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The Payment Profile, a key My DSO Manager report!
Monday, March 22 2021

First of all, what is a payment profile? The Payment profile is the assessment given to a customer on the basis of his payment history allowing a score to be established within the "supplier" company. It provides at-a-glance an overview of the payment behavior of a customer or ...
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The DSO, a key performance indicator!
Monday, March 8 2021

What information does the DSO provide? It communicates to you the number of days of turnover that you have outside your bank account: your sales and therefore your invoices not yet paid by your customers translated into number of days. It is the flagship performance indicator ...
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My DSO Manager news of March, 4th 2021
Thursday, March 4 2021

Credit risk management → the formatting of changes in credit limits, insurer guarantees, and other scoring coming from financial information providers has been optimized for better readability. • Security about link with Document Management Systems → it is now possible to ...
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Focus on your unqualified customers!
Thursday, February 18 2021

My DSO Manager, allows you to qualify your items with the customizable statuses , which provides precise and efficient monitoring of your outstanding customers receivables. From the Items status report, monitor in real time the items qualification, as well as its ...
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Happy New Year 2021!
Wednesday, January 6 2021

My DSO Manager team wishes you All the Best for 2021! In order to start well this new year, we propose you a trip over the mountains that gave birth to My DSO Manager. ...
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Evolution of reports in My DSO Manager
Wednesday, November 4 2020

Clients groups → it is now possible to simultaneously select several groups and to perform searches by entering the first characters of the groups sought. • The table showing the list of customers and their data (for example, the aging balance of each customer) ...
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Integrate a payment solution into your collection e-mails!
Friday, September 11 2020

Thanks to our connectors with online payment solutions (Payzen, Paypal, others to come), it is possible to integrate bank card payment buttons in your reminder e-mails in a few clicks! Benefit from all My DSO Manager flexibility using the various #Hashtag to define the amount(s) to ...
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Connect credit insurer Euler Hermes with My DSO Manager
Monday, June 15 2020

Since few days, it's possible to integrate your Euler Hermes insurer guarantees data (Amount guaranteed by the insurer, Type of guarantee, Score, ...) to your customers files using our new connector. This new feature allows to daily follow-up your account receivable against Euler Hermes ...
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Re-open quickly a tab closed by mistake!
Friday, May 29 2020

My DSO Manager is a tool in SaaS (Software as a Service), so you use it from your internet browser, often in several tabs. It's a safe bet that you have already closed a tab by mistake! To re-open it immediately, nothing simpler, click simultaneously on keys"Ctrl+Shift+T" ...
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