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New alerts for My DSO Manager!

Perhaps you noticed it on our socials, newsletter, or online help, Our Credit management and Cash collection software alerts have been improved!

An internal project

We found that enhancing the alert creation user interface was imperative. We also needed to add more criteria for them. Alerts are now labeled according to different types: "Risk", "Recovery" or "None". "Recovery" alerts are displayed in your recovery calendar. In the meantime, "Risk" alerts appear in your risk calendar. And those labeled as "None" are present in both calendars.

This is why our tech team has been working hard on this project lately. Regularly implementing new functions or improving the ones that are already there, are among our priorities.

As a result, while we consider your suggestions, we also carry out internal projects such as this one.

Guiding Principles

These alerts are quite beneficial. They draw attention to clients or invoices that deviate from the established rules. Those rules are defined by your credit management policy. They cover a large panel of themes: Cash collection, Client risk evolution, dispute tracking, etc., and are entirely configurable and customizable.

Our primary wish will always be to support you to work more efficiently. To do so, we strive to provide the most efficient and continuously evolving software possible.

This is possible thanks to new functionalities that boost your efficiency when alerts are triggered!

A challenge on all fronts

Our teams' challenge can be summed up in one sentence: Make alerts more visible and accessible!

Previously, alerts were rarely used because they were difficult to comprehend. From now on, they are one of the major players in customer follow-up.

Achieving this required first going through updating other functionalities. In fact, the arrival of these alerts was actually announced through the arrival of INSIGHTS.

These two functionalities are built upon another improvement: advenced search. We've been able to provide even more filter criteria thanks to advanced search. These allow for nearly unlimited customization of your alerts.

Furthermore, we've integrated a recalculated caching systemn with each data update. Hence, timing still remains crucial.

Take advantage of this new functionality while continuing to work efficiently.

My DSO Manager has undergone a significant change, as the alerts icon is now available on each buyer's file! Creating and configuring alerts is now simpler and more comprehensive. In addition, their interpretation is more visual and intuitive.This evolution contributes to My DSO Manager's continuous improvement. The goal is always to achieve excellence in all functional, technical and human aspects. All thanks to the assistance of our expert team.

How does it work?

According to the imperatives of your company, different types of alerts can be defined. These alerts will then highlight specific customer accounts based on the following criteria:

  • Cash collection
  • Customer risk
  • Both. An alert on aged receivables, for example, is both a collection and a risk issue.

Looking forward to delve deeper into setting up and utilizing these alerts? Our support team has created an online help! You'll find detailed guidance on how to make your own alerts. It also describes the various criteria that can be used to refine your alerts.

Unveilling our equally ambition upcoming project

We'd like to let you in on a little secret! Our team is already hard at work on another upcoming feature. The next significant development is scheduled for early December! This time, it will be about the documents and supporting documents used to support a customer's declared dispute.

The goal: An ever-faster processing along with maximum custmer satisfaction!