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Customize the Global view and create your own dashboard for tailor-made management!

My DSO Manager gives its users the option to customize the Global View, and enables them to become more accurate in interpreting the KPIs (key performance indicators) that matters most to them.

► Select those that must be displayed in your Global view, their order as well as the associated data scope : just your client portfolio, or those connected to a custom client field that has been specified on your platform.

► It is now possible to filter the Global view by Customer groups defined manually on your platform or automatically by the import of the customers file. You may also combine filters criteria, which gives you more flexibilty in monitoring and analyzing performance.
Global view

Click on the toothed wheel located next to the Global view tab to set your custom dashboard ...

Global view set up

... to define your preferences:

Global view set up

Find the Online Help tutorial about this topic: How to customize the Global view?