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Observation of the Accounts Receivable

Observation of the Accounts ReceivableI have already had the pleasure of quoting Milan Kundera who wrote in his book The Curtain: "In the modern world abandoned by philosophy, split up by hundreds of scientific specializations, the novel remains to us as the last observatory from which we can embrace human life as a whole."

To observe is to become aware of what surrounds us

To become aware of what surrounds us is to give ourselves the possibility to understand, to anticipate, to choose.

In the world of Credit Management, where everything moves so fast, accelerated by a devouring current events, it seems essential to have a tenfold observation capacity: reports, scorings, alerts, connectors to information services, so many means to stay one step ahead of the events that can impact the business, sales, invoices, payments, defaults.

It's no coincidence that the first tab in the My DSO Manager menu is called Global View.
It is really this observation approach, this systemic dimension that allows you to have a vision of the situation of the key indicators for an optimal management of the receivables.

Global View

It is the observatory of your customers

You have the possibility to create it according to your needs, to display the blocks that correspond to you, to customize it to benefit from the information in real time.
You have placed probes to capture the vibrations of your customer portfolio and then carry out the necessary actions.
My DSO Manager offers you this combination of options so that you have the best possible reading of your customer environment.
Blocks to display

This step becomes a lever that allows you to approach your business with serenity because this observatory highlights the strong, fragile or weak axes on which it is appropriate to act.

Collection and risk

In all cases, My DSO Manager will be able to provide you with the answers through the actions proposed in your roadmap, the Relics and Risk tabs.

Don't pilot your accounts receivable by sight, observe it first, an essential lever to improve your performance.