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The Payment Profile, a key My DSO Manager report!

First of all, what is a payment profile? The Payment profile is the assessment given to a customer on the basis of his payment history allowing a score to be established within the "supplier" company. It provides at-a-glance an overview of the...
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Observation of the Accounts Receivable

I have already had the pleasure of quoting Milan Kundera who wrote in his book The Curtain: "In the modern world abandoned by philosophy, split up by hundreds of scientific specializations, the novel remains to us as the last observatory from which...
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The electronic invoicing

VSEs and SMEs represent more than 99% of companies established in the territory. Confronted with problems of archiving and paper logistics, they are in the front line of the digital transition. What does the law say about the dematerialization of...
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Why carry out credit analyses?

In order to avoid litigation as much as possible, it is necessary to quickly identify the risks of non-payment. This is where credit analysis comes in. The credit analysis studies the client's macro-environment: The customer: Financial...
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Performance, an accomplishment, a feat, a record?

Everyone talks about it but it is important to know what is defined as Performance. Initially, this notion is often linked to the concept of competition. A result, a place, a time... obtained in a "race". Even if the professional world is not...
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