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Navigate in My DSO Manager constellation and explore your company's cash optimization vectors!

Navigate in My DSO Manager constellation and explore your company's cash optimization vectors!As an integral and smart solution of Credit Management and B to B cash collection, My DSO Manager is connected with many partners and services related and complementary to the Saas software:
  • Financial information providers
  • Credit insurers
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Documents Management Systems (DMS)
  • SMS and postmail solutions
  • Collection agencies
  • Portals (Chorus PRO, ...)
  • Online Payment solutions
  • Etc.

These partner services are integrated into the software and thus see their relevance increased. For example, the addition of an online payment solution (by credit card, transfer, Google Pay, etc.) results in payment buttons inserted in your reminder email templates using #hashtag dedicated, which increases the efficiency of the payment solution.

The already existing connectors can be quickly activated to complete the functionalities present in the tool and make My DSO Manager the place where you find all of your information and actions relating to your Accounts Receivable management.

My DSO Manager Constellation

With My DSO Manager, everything is more fluid and clear, efficient and qualitative.

Thanks to the flexibility of configuring the Smart Upload import module, the installation is quick while taking into account the specific needs of your company.

100% in real time, My DSO Manager allows you to import / synchronize your data at any time of the day, several times a day if you wish, regardless of the volume of your data.

Intuitive software with scalable configuration according to your wishes and needs, you operate in My DSO Manager in total autonomy with support provided by business experts with three objectives: optimize the cash flow and profitability of your business while improving the satisfaction of your clients.

Created by Credit Managers and specialists in B to B debt collection, the solution integrates all the business aspects of Credit Management, from risk management to performance evaluation, including collection, disputes management, and many other things.

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