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My DSO Manager: a receivables management platform evolving in the era of Business Intelligence!

My DSO Manager: a receivables management platform evolving in the era of Business Intelligence!

What is Business Intelligence?

The notion of Business Intelligence (BI) has become a very heard term, highly anticipated but not always well understood. First, what are the basics?

BI in a company can be seen as a process that allows data to be collected, analyzed and able to be returned in an appropriate form to support the user in his decision-making.

In summary, the main objective is to help to understand the environment and provide leads to facilitate decision-making.

Why does My DSO Manager integrate Business Intelligence into your trade management?

Because our credit management and collection software centralizes all your data several times a day and it is this base, your base, which becomes the source base of the BI. This data is stored, logged, analyzed and redistributed to you in a format that meets your needs: you enrich your repository and My DSO Manager does the rest.

A transversal library of reports, dashboards that you can structure over time, that you can enrich with personalized filters, that you can develop in connection with your organization, that you can share. These reports offer the representation and visualization of data in the form of tables, graphs for a better understanding.

You have at all times the relevant information (customer, internal segmentation, entity, region, continent, etc.) that suits you to know where you come from, where you are and even where you are going (the predictive): the path is marked out, secure, you just have to follow it.

Multi-entities DSO report My DSO Manager
My DSO Manager becomes the GPS for your management of Cash and Customer Credit Risk management. Regardless of the number of legal entities, the multi-entity platform allows for consolidated approaches based on an access point.

This data is formatted according to your needs to analyze your business and give you an exact perception of it.

A KMI (Key Management Indicators) report scans all your data in real time on all your entities: precise indicators accompanied by analysis curves allow you to make appropriate decisions on various axes. My DSO Manager brings you both the strategic vision and the ability to react in the very short term to any indicator that watches and alerts you.

Multi-entities DSO report My DSO Manager

In 2022, "data visualization" in terms of cash and customer risk management will become the key solution to gain in simplicity, efficiency, performance and above all to remain accessible to all players in the Order To Cash process .

This opens the door for you to move forward serenely within an avalanche of data which brings its energy to the service of your performance.

Don't waste any more time, take a step ahead, offer yourself perspectives, spaces for anticipation, areas for action.

Use the Business Intelligence integrated into My DSO Manager, your management tool for all your trade receivables, associate the risk and teach your teams how to transform turnover into cash and secure your sales . Let your data become the accomplices of your performance!