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The electronic invoicing

The electronic invoicingVSEs and SMEs represent more than 99% of companies established in the territory.
Confronted with problems of archiving and paper logistics, they are in the front line of the digital transition.

What does the law say about the dematerialization of invoicing?

The law is evolving on this subject. From July 1, 2024, article 153 of the 2020 finance law will be effective and will require all companies to accept invoices in electronic format.

Only large companies will be impacted initially for the issuance of electronic invoices. ETIs will have until 2025 and VSEs and SMEs until 2026.

In reality, this digital transition has been underway for several years for certain types of structures. The French government has set up "Chorus Pro", a portal developed specifically for electronic invoicing for all public entities (States, local authorities, public institutions).

Many companies have taken the lead and digitized their business and accounting processes.

What are the advantages of digital invoices?

The dematerialization of invoices brings many advantages including:

  • Faster payments: standardization, speed of processing
  • Automated management: no more manual verification and error handling steps
  • Digital and secure files: document access management, easy search, no more paper logistics and archiving

The disadvantage is an increased dependence on digital tools, an evolution that has become unavoidable nowadays.

How does My DSO Manager facilitate the collection of your receivables?

The order to cash process is changing: quote, order, invoice, collection, payment… The whole chain is going digital!

My DSO Manager is a SaaS mode software, totally digitalized, which facilitates the collection of invoices by bridging the gap between the seller and the buyer, or with the Chorus Pro portal. My DSO Manager is interconnected with a range of players (ERP, Electronic Document Management solutions, Chorus PRO, etc.) allowing the necessary information to be integrated into the software thanks to the various connectors.

All this is part of the process of customer and supplier digitalization and facilitates exchanges between sellers and customers so that the commercial relationship runs smoothly on the financial aspect.

So, are you ready for the digitization of invoicing?