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Interactive e-mail, the new generation media for B2B collection!

Interactive e-mail, the new generation media for B2B collection!

First of all, what is an interactive e-mail?

An interactive e-mail is an e-mail that goes beyond the simple communication of information. The interactive e-mail becomes an active vector of exchanges, it displays live the exact situation of your customers' accounts, it makes it possible to integrate responses at invoice level, it helps to preserve the environment by limiting drastically sending large files (activation of an EDM connector), it reduces your workload and that of your customer by simplifying, automating and logging exchanges: No more typing, no more copying and pasting, no more forgetting.

But then how to activate it?

You just need to list the customers you want to make interactive e-mail eligible. A "click" on the client's file and his mode of communication will take on an unparalleled dimension. You will create Customer Satisfaction by providing them with this service while ensuring your Cash management.
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Can I also use it internally to dialogue with the sales administration, business, management, etc.?

The answer is « YES » . Interactive e-mail is also an excellent internal performance lever for the follow-up and resolution of disputes, communication with business, the consolidated point of exchanges concerning a customer. My DSO Manager opens you to the world of interactive e-mail to manage your Cash. So your customers can:

  • Have the list of documents in progress and their status, as well as the image of the PDF invoice in the event that your My DSO Manager account is linked to your EDM.
  • Export the list of these parts to Excel.
  • Display your company information (address, legal identifiers ... previously completed in "My account".
  • View the contact details of the person in charge of collecting their account.
  • Get the bank details on which they can send you their payment.

Don't wait any longer to activate interactive e-mail, an essential lever to improve your performance.