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Create interactive e-mails templates that fit best your brand!

Create interactive e-mails templates that fit best your brand!Collection activities represent a customer communication channel often ignored by businesses. In fact, dunning e-mails, calls, etc. have a major effect on your brand's visibility and credibility.

Why not take advantage of this method of differentiation, which allows you to improve cash flow while also increasing your company's reputation and brand?

Discover the almost endless possibilities in My DSO Manager to create your e-mail templates, letters, SMS or Electronic Registered Letters (ERL).

They must be both relevant and appealing in order to express the image you wish to project to your business contacts.

  • Relevant to deliver the proper information to your customers so that they pay your invoices.
  • Attractive to enhance your company's image and reputation, and set yourself apart from your business competitors.
Collection actions therefore become an essential commercial vector that contributes to increasing the attractiveness and distinctiveness of your company brand.

Example of an interactive follow-up email

Setup and customization screen:

Email template creation

Preview before sending:

Email template creation

You may easily and quickly create your own models with a few clicks thanks to the #Hashtags, built-in HTML editor, and advanced functions like the ability to replicate your company's standard signature.

The sole assurance of the quality of the collected data and of your company's image - which must unquestionably look more human than robotic, fluid and pertinent rather than sophomoric - lies in the adaptability of My DSO Manager.