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Manage collection scenarios » How to create or modify a collection scenario?

Several collection scenarios are integrated with your platform when you register to My DSO Manager.
You can customize them and create new scenarios in unlimited numbers.

Create a collection scenario for each client type of your portfolio to improve the efficiency of your actions.

1 Go to the Settings and click Manage collection scenariosLink

Manage scenarios

Here you can :

  • create a scenario or add a scenario proposed by My DSO Manager

  • change the name of the scenario

  • duplicate a scenario

  • add or modify actions → create your templates with text and #Hashtags, set when the action will be triggered according to oldest invoice of customer's accounts, or the last action date ...

  • ...

2 Tab SettingsLink

Manage Settings scenarios

Here you can define:

  • the default collection scenario set here will be the one assign to any new customers

  • the default collector set here will be the one assign to any new customers

  • the minimum amount for the collection → below this amount My DSO Manager will not generate any action (except for specific actions created by the users)

  • the amount below which positive transactions will be ignored for the collection.
    (see also How to ignore a transaction during the collection?)

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