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How to create or modify a collection scenario?

Several collection scenarios are integrated with your platform when you register to My DSO Manager.

You can customize them and create new scenarios in unlimited numbers.

Create a collection scenario for each client type of your portfolio to improve the efficiency of your actions.

Step 1 Go to the Settings and click Manage collection scenariosLink

Manage scenario

Here you can :

  • Create a collection scenario or add a collection scenario proposed by My DSO Manager
  • Modify the name of the collection scenario
  • Duplicate a collection scenario
  • Add or modify actions → create your dunnings templates with text and #Hashtag, set when actions will be generated based on the account's oldest invoice - the leader invoice - , or the date of the last action performed.

Step 2 Tab SettingsLink

Manage scenarios

Here you can set :

  • By default for new customers: :

    1. The Collection scenario which will be assigned to any new customer
    2. The Collector which will be awarded to any new customer
    3. The Late payment penalties and Recovery cost which will be activated to any new customer
    4. The interactive emails which will be enabled to any new customer

  • Minimum amount for collection → below this amount My DSO Manager will not generate any action (except for specific actions created by the users)
  • Ignore transactions whose amount is less than → set an amount below which positive transactions will be ignored from the collection.
    (see also How to ignore a transaction during the collection?)
  • Automatic action → determine the days and time slots to send automatic emails

Your collection scenario are now set, you can assign them to your customers and start your dunnings!
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