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How to automate the collection actions?

You can set some automatic dunning actions in My DSO Manager to maximize punctuality and effectiveness of your debt collection.

The sending of emails and SMS can be automated, whether for collection scenarios actions or specific actions

1. Collections scenario actions

Go to Settings / Manage collection scenariosLink. Click the action you want to automate, and then check the box « Automatic action »:

Automatic action

Automatic actions are by default « to be confirmed », the collector has to confirm it in the agenda or the customer sheet in order My DSO Manager sends it.

Automatic action to be confirmed

If you uncheck the box « Automatic action to be confirmed », the action is 100% automatic.

2. Specific action

A specific action is often created for a later date. It is possible to make this action automatic in the same manner as the collection scenario action.

3. To go further

  • In order that an automatic action is sent, it is necessary that the customer concerned has a contact for collection set:

    Collection contact

    → If this is not the case, My DSO Manager will display an error message for the affected clients. To update them, edit the customer sheet and select the contact that will be the recipient of these dunning actions. It is also possible to set the contact for collection with the contacts upload file.
    Find also this criteria in Insights tab

  • If at the date of the action, the items associated with this action are still not cleared, the action will be executed automatically (unless it is « to be confirmed »). If these items are cleared, the action is then canceled.
  • The sender of the automatic email is the collector associated with the account, so it is essential that customers accounts are correctly assigned to a collector.
  • From the tab "Settings - Manage collection sceanrios - Settings", you can determine the days and time slot of sending automatics emails.
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