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What is the contact for collection?

The contact for collection is the person to whom My DSO Manager will send all the automatic actions.

In order for these automatic actions to be carried out, this contact must have a valid email address for automatic actions by Email, or a mobile number for automatic actions by SMS.

There can only be one contact for collection for a customer account even if it is possible to perform manual actions towards other recipients.

The only exception to this rule aimed at carrying out targeted and qualitative actions while fighting against spam: it is possible to include several contacts for recovery if the emails are sent by your company's SMTP. To do this, contact us.

You have several possibilities to define the contact for collection:

1. Inside the customer file

On the customer file, open the drop-down list Contact then select the contact to configure.
All you have to do is check the Contact for collection box and save your changes:
Contact pour le recouvrement

2. Mass change by importing contact data

Define in your import file which is the Contact for collection for each customer by adding a column and then entering « 1 » when this is the case.
Then associate this information with the My DSO Manager « Contact for collection » field. These contacts will thus be defined as privileged contact for collection in the customer file.
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It is possible in My DSO Manager to create several contacts for the same customer: accountant, buyer, manager ...
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