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How to manage your customer contacts?

It is possible in My DSO Manager to create several contacts for the same customer.
These are people outside your company who are your contacts for debt collection.
Usually these are accountants, buyers, executives or chief financial officers.

In My DSO Manager, they are linked to a given customer and appear in the customer file.

When sending an email, on the customer file of one of the accounts concerned, the contacts of the account are proposed as recipients of the reminders.
For automatic reminders, emails and SMS are sent to the contact who is identified as Contact for collection .
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There are several possibilities to add or modify a customer contact:

1. Inside the customer file

On the customer file of one of the accounts concerned, open the drop-down list Contact, then click on the button Add a contact
Ajouter un contact

Fill in your contact information and click on Add :

Ajouter un contact

2. Mass change by importing contact data

As your customer information and your items data, you can import your customer contacts into My DSO Manager.
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Contacts with a Company role correspond to contacts that have been imported via the Customers file and must therefore be modified in your ERP.
During manual creation of your contacts, be careful not to use this role, otherwise the contacts created will be overwritten by those received in the file.
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