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How to ignore a transaction during the collection ?

In some cases, it may be appropriate to exclude certain transactions from your dunnings, for example when there is a small remaining balance pending to be writen-off.

There are several ways to manage these items in My DSO Manager

1 From the client file

Select the transaction you want, then click on « Ignore the transactions in the collection »:

Ignore an item

This transaction is now excluded from your dunnings, and will no longer be visible in the lists nor in the dunning amounts:

Ignore an item

Email ignored item

2 From the items searchLink

Enter your criteria, for example the list of invoices of less than 5 €:

Item search to ignore

Select the transactions you want, then click on « Ignore the transactions in the collection »:

Item search to ignore

3 Add a global rule based on a maximum amount

You can add a rule to automatically skip transactions up to a certain amount that you can set.

Go to Settings, Manage collection scenarios, tab SettingsLink, and set the amount below which the transaction will be ignored:

Setup to ignore an item

4 Display the ignored item list

From the advanced searchLink, add the criteria « Transaction ignored in the collection » to get the list

Ignored item search

Of course, you keep the ability to qualify these transactions, and thus keep track of it.
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