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Interview of Gaëlle Poulain from RG Group

Gaëlle Poulain - Credit Manager
Gaëlle Poulain
Credit Manager
Groupe RG
Could you introduce the RG Group?
RG Group offers the widest range of personal protective equipment (PPE) in France with a total of approximately 40,000 items, including its own brand, Ergos. RG Group provides its 7,000 customers, including both large groups and SMEs, with PPE adapted to their specific needs and advises them on their choice in order to improve the safety of their employees and ensure compliance with regulatory obligations.
RG Group has 30 years of solid expertise in a particularly demanding and constantly changing market. The company has been able to develop its offer and services to meet the increasingly strict safety and hygiene standards to which its customers are subject. Today, RG Group relies on the first sales force of the French market with more than 650 employees who participate in the development of the company in France and in Europe and already benefits from a strong territorial coverage based on a network of 39 agencies.

Why did you choose My DSO Manager?
My DSO Manager is a tool that offers great flexibility to manage the collection process, as closely as possible to our clients' specific needs. Its quick learning curve for our teams and its good readability make it a must-have tool. It is very complete and can be used by the various players in the order-to-cash chain (collection officers/credit managers/branch managers/sales representatives).

What would you say about the support of the My DSO Manager team?
The support for the implementation is real and efficient. The team knows how to adapt its advice to our needs. They are very available and "smiling".

What performance improvements have you seen?
The implementation of the tool has allowed us to structure the reminder on a very large portfolio. Optimized, the collection has been able to acquire its legitimacy within the Group. The WCR has been significantly improved and the cash generated has enabled the Group to accelerate its growth policy.

What do you expect from My DSO Manager in the future?
I expect MY DSO Manager to support the deployment of our cash policy in all our European subsidiaries.

What would you say to someone considering using My DSO Manager?
Among the multitude of existing collection tools, My DSO Manager stands out for its great flexibility. It is a tool built by someone in the business and you can feel it. The tool is very ergonomic, easy to use and knows how to combine reporting and collection. Finally, it is a tool that is constantly adapting to the evolution of the business, especially with connectors to key partners (credit insurer/Chorus/GED/etc...).

What are the three strong points of My DSO Manager?
  • Flexibility
  • Ergonomic
  • Dynamic team.