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Use the Hashtag #interactive_page_button ! (Wednesday, June 15 2022)

Button to view account statement
The interactive e-mail has multiple advantages and allows your customers to:

  • Access to their account statement in real time in My DSO Manager and if needed can export to Excel,
  • Get duplicates of invoices or credit notes*,
    * If the link to your DMS is active, for more information
  • Consult your company information* (address, bank details, etc) and his contact in charge of his account* (name, images, contact information, etc),
    * Information to be completed in My account
  • To make a payment on one or several invoices*,
    * Requires that a connector with a payment solution has been activated.
  • And send a comment on one or more items to inform you of a particular situation,

To find out more and activate it on your customers :
What are the interactive e-mails and how to activate them?

The interactive page is therefore accessible by clicking on an item number from the account statement integrated into your dunning. It can also be accessed without sending a statement of account, thanks to the Hashtag #interactive_page_button

Button interactive page
Your client will be able to view in real time the position of his account in your books, access duplicates, and inform you of any particular situation!

It will be necessary that the interactive e-mails must be activated in their customer file.