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Interview with Robert Santamaria, Financial Controller in Leds C4

Robert Santamaria - Financial Controller
Robert Santamaria
Financial Controller
Leds C4
Could you introduce Leds C4?
For the past 50 years, our company has been dedicated to developing a culture of light in which design, technology, and sustainability come together to offer the best lighting solution for your indoor and outdoor projects.

People spend 90% of their time in closed spaces with artificial light, only receiving 10% of natural light. Quality light brings well-being to daily life by adapting the places we inhabit to our biological, health and psychological needs. The right light improves our life.

The core of Leds C4's service is to assist you simply, easily and efficiently. That's why the entire product path is thoroughly planned and monitored - from conception, design, manufacturing and quality control, to delivery and installation. Our team offers light consultancy, guiding you throughout the process and speaking your language. Because we love taking care of every detail of your experience.

Why did you choose My DSO Manager?
The primary factor that led to our decision to collaborate with My DSO Manager was our search for a tool that would enable us to carry out customers follow-ups in a more efficient and well-organized manner. Therefore, we started looking into the various options that were currently available on the market, and ultimately, we chose to embark on this adventure with My DSO Manager. We believe we made a wise financial decision because the cost-to-benefit ratio has been very favorable.

Most of our clients are in the retail industry, and we were too preoccupied with calling and following up on past-due invoices. So, implementing this cloud-based system presented us with an opportunity to improve our account receivables and order to cash process.

What would you say about the support of the My DSO Manager team?
The team behind My DSO Manager, they have been by our side, from the moment we started out until we felt confident enough to walk on our own.

What performance improvements have you seen?
Before we had this solution implemented, we would always worry that there would not be enough time and resources to contact all of our clients and carry out the necessary follow-ups and reminders. However, now that we have this solution, I am able to say that in terms of the number of employees working in the credit management side of the business, we are able to save time and do whatever is required in a way that is well-organized. This is a significant improvement over our previous situation.

In terms of enhancements, I can confirm that we are now more capable of contacting all of our clients as well as we have saved a significant amount of time as a result of putting various tools that used to be on different platforms which sometimes would cause us for example to send all amount of the invoices but right now, they are all consolidated and centralized in one place, which is the first advantage to be shared from our point of view.

We analyze overdue balances on a monthly basis, after 8 months of using My DSO Manager, we have reduced the overdue rate of our portfolio by 20%.

It is also important that on My DSO Manager you can have multiple languages and e-mail templates that standardize communication, especially when dealing with clients all over the world for companies like us.

In terms of internal changes, how did you find this implementation?
Concerning internal change, some departments in our company, such as our commercial dept., were hesitant to integrate this solution, especially at the beginning. However, after some time passed, our commercial members are really happy when they can in one click access to the account statement and other indicators of each client, allowing them to get fresh information and have a better vision of the whole aspects of customer relationship. It's the same for me, as a credit manager, who checks the key performance indicators each morning to get a feel for where we stand.