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The Alpine Style: a method, a way of life, a software!

Discover the frozen mountains that are the source of My DSO Manager, where it was born and developed.

The principle of Alpine Style is much more than a technique for climbing the highest mountains in the blink of an eye, or by extrapolation of principles aimed at accelerating implementing software.

It is a way of life which tends towards excellence, which advocates competence and performance as a condition of its existence, which validates integrity and truth as the foundation of everything.

The Alpine Style derives its power from the confrontation of the individual with his environment during which it is impossible to cheat, impossible to lie. Only the wholeness and sincerity of the commitment can sublimate the competence and overcome the obstacles. It allows control and freedom because it never gives in to the ease of getting things done by others.

My DSO Manager has the principles of the Alpine style in its DNA. This is what makes it unique, that it transcends the traditional principles of credit management and cash collection software, that 1,400 companies in 85 countries use it with one objective: to sustain and develop their business by improving cash flow and customer satisfaction.

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