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Everyone on their agenda!

Accounts Receivable and cash collection concerns all the actors of the company in contact with customers. It is therefore not an activity reserved for specialists, credit managers and debt collectors, or for accountants, but also for salespeople, sales administration, customer care, etc.

Indeed, trade receivable management is placed on a cross between several jobs in line with multiple internal and external actors of the company. My DSO Manager as a collaborative platform with an unlimited number of users allows to assign tasks to all profiles!

These users may support the collection process but also disputes resolution.

What is a dispute? It is one or more unpaid invoices for a reason given by the customer that looks valid. Your customer withholds the payment because of an invoicing error, a problem of quality or quantity delivered, an administrative problem, etc. there can be many types of disputes according to each business.

When a collector receives information about a dispute following a reminder, he must capture "the customer's expression" as precisely as possible and then assign this dispute to a resolver.
Affect resolution load For example, if the customer disputes the price invoiced, the case will be assigned to the sales representative who monitors the account. The objective is to precisely identify the dispute, to address it to the right person so that it is processed and resolved as quickly as possible.
Not only you will get paid quickly, but you will also improve customer satisfaction!
Each user can therefore find in My DSO Manager the actions assigned to him. The dispute workflow available in the software makes this process more fluid and provides with an overall visibility about open disputes and the actions to be taken by each user.
Agenda of resolver It is for this reason that all of the customized versions of My DSO Manager offer a number of users unlimited, to facilitate the involvement of all departments of your company in improving cash flow and customer satisfaction.

So don't wait any longer, connect your teams to My DSO Manager, a vector of cash-oriented collaboration and customer satisfaction!
Also don't forget the risk agenda, dedicated to credit analysts and credit manager and allowing optimal management of customer risk.