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Link your CRM - ERP to My DSO Manager to access to customers accounts in 1 click!

Allow your sales representatives from their CRM (Salesforce, Dynamics, etc.) or your accountants from the ERP to access the customer file in My DSO Manager in one click!

This advanced feature promotes the development of the cash culture within your company.

Indeed, it facilitates the integration of systems and the taking into account of the issues of collection, dispute management and risk management by functions related to the credit management - collection team such as sales representatives, sales administration, financial controllers, etc.

To implement it, it is necessary to add in your system at the level of each customer account a link or a button pointing to the following url:

  • "xxxxx" corresponds to the suffix of your company present in your connection url to My DSO Manager.
  • "yyyyy" matches customer or buyer code.

When the user clicks on the link, he is automatically redirected to My DSO Manager or if he is not logged in, to the login page by SSO or identifier - password pass. Once logged in, the buyer's page is immediately opened.

This feature is only available for custom versions with a custom url.

For platforms multi-entities, it is possible to add a parameter in the url with the name of the entity, which is useful if the same client code is present in several entities. In this case, add the following parameter: "&entity=zzzzz"

  • "zzzzz" is the name of the entity defined in My DSO Manager, with "_" in place of spaces.
  • the full url in this case is ""

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