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Interview with Jeff Borello, CEO of Andromeda Technology Solutions

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Jeff Borello
Andromeda Technology Solutions
Could you introduce Andromeda Technology Solutions?
Andromeda was created to serve as a single, expert source for all cloud, local day-to-day IT service, physical security, and connectivity needs. We're a go-to resource for solutions that enable growth while meeting the needs of remote workers, multiple sites, and customers. If a current IT provider keeps leaving the client with the same recurring problems that never get solved, we'll break the break/fix cycle.

Based in Northeast Illinois, we've delivered secure, scalable IT solutions for over 28 years, backed by a passion for helping businesses succeed. We'll take a proactive - not reactive - approach to combating IT challenges, and we won't stop until the job is done right.

Why did you choose My DSO Manager?
We definitely looked at some other competitors, I really didn't find anything that was for a medium sized business, everything I looked at had enterprise-level pricing. Your company was the only solution I found that looked reasonable, pricing-wise and feature-wise for what we were looking for.

It was 100% commercially viable, prior to use this software, we were using reports out of QuickBooks, getting them into Excel files and our collection people were using notes and creating files every month, doing copy-pasting stuff, and nobody in the company had the visibility into what was happening, and every time I had a question on something I had to email the related person and it was not globally accessible and also not very organized in terms of reminders and follow-ups. So, it was all dumped into Excel files there was not a system behind any of it.

How went the implementation process?
I can say it was very smooth and easy, I spent time with Jeremy (support manager in My DSO Manager) around 3 or 4 hours going through and getting everything set up. It was really an easy implementation as the system is very clear to understand, I made some screen recordings during the implementation so my collection team could understand what they really needed to do. So the overall set-up was great, although I would probably have gotten there on my own, but that 4 Hours with Jeremy was really walking through the guided implementation and was certainly very helpful.

Are you satisfied with the quality and responsiveness of our support team?
Yes, I have reached out to them couple of times, whether it's Jeremy or somebody else, they have been very responsive, although with the time difference that we have, I have got the responses at the time I was expecting and yes, the support has been great.

How many percent have you improved your credit-to-cash cycle?
I can definitely tell you as a CEO, I have much better visibility, the data is now available for me, to be able to look-up, to see what's going on, so I am able to move things, and find/solve problems a lot faster, it just gives me the ability to have more visibility and actions.

There are definitely a few things that I love, and that is where you can set up automatic emails and you can either have them booked, and the fact that I can control those in an individual list, is really great. Another thing is just being able to see the timeline of where are we and what is next. So, this feasibility in terms of process and then being able to set-up alerts (as I love the alarming!) and only by watching screens you can quickly see the ones that are in trouble and need attention.

Next, the ability to get the information over to other people who are involved in the collection process for example we can at some point pull in the account manager just by clicking on one button, and then they have all the information right there.

Although what has been great is that we sent out that pre-notice, before all the invoices come in due, and then we've got a lot of people replying back that they don't have this invoice, so it would have previously waited until our first notice was probably in 15 or 30 days past-due, now I would get that time ahead, being able to find that invoice and cut that time off for sure and sped up the process.

Have you saved time comparing your previous solution? How much in terms of hours or days?
Yes, for sure for my collection people, I am just having the data show-up without having to create some excel files as our bookkeeper used to do and we had to feed them and then explore the notes…so now, my team gets more time to call the past-dues which we always wanted to do, in general they can save 10 hours per week for a team of three people. I can say It is completely different from what we were doing earlier.

What do you expect from My DSO Manager in the future?
As far as the software, nothing comes to mind as it is kind of doing exactly what I wanted to do. I didn't write my goals when I was looking for a software but I knew what I wanted to do and I found that in your software and it was exactly what I was hoping and it does it consistently, we haven't had any issues, every time we've got to use it and log in, there has been no problem.

What would you say to someone considering using My DSO Manager?
I would say absolutely, I 100% recommend the software! I think as the collection process needs a system behind it, I believe the software has the mechanism to get that system done consistently and always the same and the consistency to the process and the visibility into the data for the entire team is awesome.

What are the strong point of My DSO Manager if you would like to mention?
It performs above expectations!