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Interview with Sylvie Debregeas, Customer Risk Manager in Group La Centrale

Sylvie Debregeas - Customer Risk Manager
Sylvie Debregeas
Customer Risk Manager
Groupe La Centrale


Without a dedicated intelligent collection platform, we had to manually handle account receivables using Excel spreadsheets. Daily analysis of payments, balances, and accounts receivable was tedious, time-consuming, and prevented us from optimizing our productivity.

A portion of our past-due accounts were previously outsourced to a collection agency.Therefore, choosing a collection and credit management software was an obvious choice to reduce expenses and boost in-house AR administration.


  • The ease of implementation
  • The agenda-driven process that organizes the actions to be taken
  • The chronological prioritization in relation to client type
  • The real-time availability when interacting with our clients
  • Simple grouping or client typology classification
  • Real-time visibility while interacting with clients

The results

  • We have reduced the transfer of our receivables by 30% to the external collection agencies.
  • The software's user-friendliness has enabled the team to be more autonomous in handling priorities.
  • Our DSO has been improved 15% since the implementation, reaching to 33 days in 4 months.
  • Teams can save time in their daily management, allowing them to focus on effective follow-ups.

What are the three strengths of My DSO Manager, you would like to mention?

Renaissance in working processes , Efficiency and Following-up fluidity.